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(last updated 28 August 2010)

Thursday 9 September

From 5.30


Lecture Theatre

Dr Jack Shaheen
Hollywood's Reel Arabs and Muslims: Problems and Prospects

From 8.00

Centre for media & Culture Research reception

Friday 10 September

From 9.00


Lecture Theatre


Dr Guy Westwell (Queen Mary, University of London)
In country: mapping the Iraq war in recent Hollywood combat movies

Dr Liane Tanguay (York University, Toronto)
Kicking the Vietnam Syndrome? The ‘Heart of Darkness’ Trope in Iraq War Films

Coffee break


panel a

Prof. Martin Barker (Aberystwyth University)
Refiguring the ‘American Soldier’ in recent Iraq-war films

Thomas Ærvold Bjerre (University of Southern Denmark)
Generation Kill: American Soldiers as Adrenaline Junkies in Post-9/11 Combat Films and TV Series

Ashwani Sharma (University of East London)
Generation Kill: Masculinity, war and media after 9/11


panel b

Barbara Wopperer (Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film, Munich)
‘I Believe Whatever Doesn't Kill You Simply Makes You ... Stranger’ Discourses of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism in The Dark Knight

Dr Fran Pheasant-Kelly (University of Wolverhampton)
Mediating Traumatic Memory: Abjection, Terror, Chaos in The Dark Knight

Arin Keeble (Newcastle University)
‘First World’ National Allegory and Otherness in 25th Hour and The Reluctant Fundamentalist


panel C

Gareth James (University of Exeter)
‘The Fight Has Just Begun’: HBO Documentaries after 9/11

Dr Joe Parker (Pitzer College, Los Angeles) and Rebekah Sinclair, (Claremont Graduate University, Los Angeles)
An Ethico-Politics of Subaltern Representations in Post-9/11 Documentary Film


screening: cultural farming


panel D

Dr Matthew Alford
Critical Reactions to the Hollywood Propaganda Model: An Assessment

Sebastian Horn (Freie Universität Berlin)
Dialectics of Hollywood

Mark Straw (University of Birmingham)
The Mediated Pleasures of Victimhood and Imperialism in Hollywood’s War on Terror


panel E

Dr. Michael C. Frank (Universität Konstanz)
Alien Terrorists: Steven Spielberg's War of the Worlds and Public Discourse on 9/11

Pennylane Shen (Jacana Contemporary Gallery, Vancouver)
The End is Once Again Nigh

Chris Nunn (London South Bank University)
‘Throw it out the Airlock!’ The Hated ‘Other’ In Post-9/11 American Science Fiction Television


panel F

Bernd Zywietz (Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz)
‘Evil Arabs’? Muslim terrorists in popular U.S. and Indian films and the strategies and problems of ‘Angemessenheit

Yuliya Ladygina (University of California, San Diego)
Nikita Mikhalkov’s 12: What can be done when mercy has a greater force than law?

Veronika Kusumaryati and Nayla Majestya (Jakarta Arts Institute)
The Terrorist’s Drama: In Defense of Suicide Bombers in Indonesian Cinema

Coffee break


panel G

Mike Dillon (University of Southern California)
Bauer Power: 24 and the Making of an American

Rolf Halse (University of Bergen)
The Muslim-American Neighbour as Terrorist: The representation of a Muslim family in the TV-serial 24

Dr Sudeep Dasgupta (University of Amsterdam)
Queering Terror, Staging Dissensus & Diverting Narratives: Teen television grows up post-9/11


panel H

Dr Michael Stewart (Queen Margaret University)
Death of a President and the Threat of Terrorism

Dr Paul Foster (University of Chester) and Dr Katy Parry (University of Liverpool)
War Horse: The Equine Encounter in Post-9/11 War Films

Dr Graham Barnfield (University of East London)
A Hostel Environment: Gorno Attitudes in the Western World


panel I

Allen Ball (University of Alberta)
Photography in a State of Exception: Documents of contemporary war

Rune Saugmann Andersen (University of Copenhagen)
Representing the 2009 Iranian post-election conflict. #IranElection, visual discourse and citizen documentary

Dr Patrick Tarrant (London South Bank University)
Camera Movies: Awesome, I Fuckin’ Shot Them!

Saturday 11 September

From 9.00



panel J

Dr Elaine Martin (University of Alabama)
Terrorism in Film Media: From Feature Films to TV Miniseries

Prof. Yosefa Loshitzky (University of East London)
The Camp Trilogy: Michael’s Winterbottom’s In This World, Code 46 and The Road to Guantanamo

Prof. Eva Bakøy and Prof. Øyvind Kalnes (Lillehammer University College)
Female Suicide Bombers and the Family Melodrama


panel K

Dr Philip Hammond (London South Bank University)
Comedy of Terror

James Walker (University for the Creative Arts)
Cartoon Wars: Appropriating culture and the destruction of Imagination Land


panel L

Dr Peter Morey (University of East London)
Passing Strangers: Turning America Inside Out in Sleeper Cell

Hugh Ortega Breton (Roehampton University)
Screening for Meaning: Terrorism as the product of a Paranoid Style in Politics and Popular Culture

Dr Jack Holland (Leeds University)
‘The Klan Gone Medieval’: Filling the Post 9-11 Void in NBC’s The West Wing

Coffee Break


Panel M

David Hickman (University of York)
Formatting the War on Terror: A personal account

Janet Harris (Cardiff University)
Iraq: How the war was spun

John Conroy (Freelance Documentary Maker)
Victim Television for a Victim’s War


panel N

Dr. Rasha El-Ibiary (The American University in Cairo)
From Britain Prepared to World Trade Center: Comparing War Film Propaganda in the World Wars and the War on Terror

Jonathan Bullinger and Andrew J. Salvati (Rutgers University)
Selling the War on Terror through the Branding of World War Two

Ricardo Domizio  (London South Bank University)
Gulf War comes home: Hollywood’s ‘digital memory’ of desert warfare


screening: i am an american

Lecture Theatre


Prof. Cynthia Weber (University of Sussex)
‘I am an American’: Filming the Fear of Difference

Prof. Lynn Spigel (Northwestern University)
From TV to Transmedia Terror

Prof. Brigitte Nacos (Columbia University)
The Image of Evil: Why Screen Narratives of Terrorism and Counterterrorism Matter in Real Life Politics of Counterterrorism Policies