Key speakers

  • Prof. Brigitte Nacos (Columbia), author of Mass Mediated Terrorism
    paper: The Image of Evil: Why Screen Narratives of Terrorism and Counterterrorism Matter in Real Life Politics of Counterterrorism Policies

  • Dr Jack Shaheen, author of Reel Bad Arabs
    paper: Hollywood's Reel Arabs and Muslims: Problems and Prospects

  • Prof. Lynn Spigel (Northwestern), author of 'Entertainment Wars’
    paper: From TV to 
    Transmedia Terror
  • Dr Liane Tanguay, author of History 'After History': The War on Terror in American Popular Culture
    paper: Kicking Vietnam Syndrome?  The ‘Heart of Darkness’ Trope in Iraq War Films

  • Prof. Cynthia Weber (Sussex), author of Imagining America at War
    paper: ‘I am an American’: Filming the Fear of Difference

  • Dr Guy Westwell (Queen Mary), author of War Cinema
    paper: In country: mapping the Iraq war in recent Hollywood combat movies