Journal of War and Culture Studies

Vol. 4, No. 2, September 2011: special issue on the war on terror in news & popular culture, edited by Philip Hammond and Graham Barnfield.

Philip Hammond and Graham Barnfield

Problems of news culture and truth: The BBC's representation of the invasion of Iraq
Lee Salter

Capturing Saddam Hussein: How the full story got away, and what conflict journalism can learn from it
James Rodgers 

Guantánamo does not exist: Simulation and the production of ‘the real’ Global War on Terror
Elspeth Van Veeren 

Terrorism in film media: An international view of theatrical films
Elaine Martin 

Authenticity and war junkies: Making the Iraq War real in films and TV series
Thomas Ærvold Bjerre 

The ecstasy of chaos: Mediations of 9/11, terrorism and traumatic memory in The Dark Knight
Fran Pheasant-Kelly 

Death of a President: Post-9/11 docudrama as shock, trauma and victimhood
Michael Stewart